Successful results


What is a successful result?

Some mentoring participants are keen to measure in detail, and align targets with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Others prefer to have less strict criteria and view a successful mentoring relationship as one that produces a strong bond between two colleagues.

What is important is recognising is that each individual should define and measure their own success criteria, which is part of the Big Kick-off event.

The organisation, too, needs to set success criteria for the overall measurement of the programme. As an example, a mentoring programme can be extremely good at building bridges between companies in the case of a merger and acquisition. It allows people to share company cultures and breaks down barriers between the organisations.


Common success indicators chosen by our participants include:

  • Making a strong connection
  • Having meetings taking place as arranged
  • A feeling of progression (not starting from scratch each meeting)
  • Seeing tangible changes
  • Helping progress towards meeting KPIs

From an organisation's point of view, a successful programme is also one where mentees themselves turn into mentors, with a cascade of knowledge and action throughout the organisation that helps the company to achieve its objectives.

This is mentoring at its absolute best.

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