Trying to get the most out of corporate mentoring?

Mentoring can be a rich and transformative experience for mentors, mentees and companies – when it’s implemented effectively! But effective mentoring needs more than matching up people appropriately, giving them a guidance booklet and letting them get on with it!

When it’s done properly, mentoring can be used to realise a company’s potential by supporting one another in implementing strategy and change, sharing knowledge and insight, creating new understanding and positive relationships.

But where should you start?

We’ve created this website to give you access to free, practical information about getting the most out of your corporate mentoring programmes. The map below shows the most common challenges that our clients, newsletter subscribers and website visitors need most help with when it comes to mentoring.
Click on a topic below to get relevant and practical tips and resources.


Key questions for HR professionals


Key questions for mentors and mentees









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