Who are we?

PwB Consulting have over 10 years' experience in developing, running and assisting mentoring programmes globally.

Our approach is to integrate mentoring into achieving strategic development aims. This means that not only do the individuals involved within the programme grow and develop, but the company evolves in areas where it needs to grow.
A selection of strategic development aims we have been involved in attaining have been:

  • Reaching a target of having at least 65% engagement from employees
  • Breaking down barriers after a company merger
  • Helping managers to develop their ability to think and act strategically
  • Helping an organisation become a world leader in project management expertise
  • Onboarding young talent so that they fulfil their potential faster and with less recruitment wastage
"pwb helped us to analyse our development needs in a very professional way. The examples and exercises given by pwb guided us to an excellent personnel development system for our employees. We are looking forward to the next ccoperation with pwb!"
Klause Denecke, Personnel Development RAG Bahn und Hafen GmbH

Our particular mentoring programmes are able to assist in reaching these development aims because our process takes mentoring pairs through building a structured relationship that is considerably more than sharing stories or friendly chats over lunch.

We show mentors and mentees how they can take what they are learning and apply it to the bigger company picture, building a bridge between their experiences to draw up general principles to make informed decisions.

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