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Over the years we have had over 2500 participants coming through our programmes, ranging from groups of graduates at 200 at a time, to intimate programmes with a small number of Director level members.


The Big Mentoring Kick-off

This half or one day event consists of getting the mentoring pairs together, orientating them into the programme, taking them through our Mentoring Toolkit, and introducing them to a framework for the mentoring process.

Participants create their Professional Vision Statement, which sets down their personal development priorities.

We then place those personal development policies against the backdrop of the Company’s strategic goals and vision.

Suitable for: organisations without a formal mentoring programme in place, or who want to re-energise their current mentoring programme.


Best Practice Event

We pool the knowledge of experienced mentors and mentees to create a best practice mentoring policy or programme for your organisation, which takes into account first hand knowledge of your company’s current circumstances and challenges.

The overall aim is knowledge management, unlocking intelligence and collective wisdom that can benefit not only the mentoring partner, but the whole organisation.

Suitable for: organisations with a current mentoring programme and organisations who want the nest step after the Big Mentoring Kick-off.

Our events

Our participants describe our events as energetic and interactive with a strong community feel. Many participants come back, year on year, and each time they get something new from the process.

Using role play, video, and interactive exercises, our aim is create experiential events that are not only memorable, but also result in an all-round buy in into the mentoring process.

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